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Recognize the Terms in Online Handicap Betting

Recognize the Terms in Online Handicap Betting – Of the various types of bets that are popular in online sportsbook gambling, as a player, you really need to recognize the type of handicap bet. Of course, the term handicap in online soccer gambling on the sportsbook betting market is very familiar and familiar, handicap games are one of the most common types of bets and are played by many people.

If you are talking about a definite handicap what you have in mind is voor-voor which functions as a count in this handicap betting bet, for beginners, of course, they are still confused about what voor and this handicap are. Through this article on handicap terms in online soccer gambling, we will provide a complete discussion for you beginners who want to learn to play this very interesting handicap bet.

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– Voor 0 (no one gives)

In one match no one gives a voor at all, so the result of the match is judged by the final score of the match. For example the match between Manchester United and Liverpool, if you bet Liverpool and Liverpool win, then you win.

– Voor 0-0.5 (1/4)

A condition where in a match a team will give or get a voor before the match takes place, the team that gives a voor is usually the red one in the market. For voor 0-0.5, it means that one team gives voor 1/4 for the opponent, if the final result is a draw then the team that gives voor will lose and to win, the team that gives voor must score 1 goal.

– Voor 0.50 (1/2)

For this 0.50 (1/2) voor, we take for example if Arsenal gave 0.50 voor (1/2) to Everton, it means that the count to win Arsenal must score 2 goals, and if the result is a draw then the odds are 0.5 or commonly called losing.

– Voor 0.5 – 1 (3/4)

Voor count 0.5 – 1 (3/4) is the match ends with only 1 goal, then the team that gets the voor will be counted as half win and vice versa.

– Voor 1

The team giving the voor must score more than 1 goal and if the result of the match ends in a draw or a draw then no team is declared the winner.